Once upon a time…

Kayaking on the Salish Sea

Once upon a time, the Salish Sea was a vibrant and teeming ecosystem. It was full of life and wonder. But as time passed and human activity increased, the sea began to suffer. Furthermore, pollution, habitat destruction, and overfishing took their toll. The sea is in danger, and some of its inhabitants struggle to survive. Chinook Salmon are in danger of extinction, gravely affecting its Orca population.

But there is hope.

Sailing to Hope Island- Beyond the Salish Sea
Looking out at the Saratoga Passage

A growing movement of concerned citizens, the Coastal Salish people, environmentalists, and governments have emerged to protect the Salish Sea and surrounding watersheds.

In this film…

We will follow the efforts of these dedicated individuals as they work to protect the Salish Sea and safeguard it for generations to come. Presented with renowned oceanographer Kim McCoy, author of “Waves and Beaches (3rd edition). Using the Salish Sea as a proxy for the waterways of the world we can show through examples what can be done.
Through stunning visuals and captivating storytelling, we’ll explore the Salish Sea, bringing to life the people, issues, and landscapes that make it a relevant example.

Join us.

Ebey's landing, Whidbey Island, WA. Beyond the Salish Sea documentary

Join us on this adventure as we produce our 2nd feature-length documentary film. It’s planned to be released in the fall of 2024. Please follow us; we’ll inform you of our progress throughout this incredible adventure.

Daniel A. Cardenas, Documentary filmmaker

After working in video production for more than two decades, I decided to shift my focus to creating documentary films that have a more significant impact than my previous work. This is my second feature-length documentary, following the completion of Hopped Up, which took five years to produce and is now available on various streaming services. My goal is to finish this new project in a much shorter time frame. Beyond the Salish Sea is about the challenges and efforts to preserve this precious gem in the Pacific Northwest, and I hope that our work will make a difference in protecting other waterways worldwide.

Daniel A. Cardenas